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Brain Health Tips

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Speed Challenge Speed Challenge
Compete and challenge your friends in this fun, eye and brain traini..
Views: 24286
Category: Hand Eye Coordination
Posted By: SafeGameHub
PowerOn PowerOn
Can you find the solution to complete all 60 levels in the minimum n..
Views: 24849
Category: Logic
Posted By: SafeGameHub
The Brain Game 2 The Brain Game 2
Read the ingame instructions before every level. Usually the faster ..
Views: 22899
Category: Reaction Time
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Monkey Math Balance Monkey Math Balance
Balance the scales with the coconuts.
Views: 23457
Category: Math
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Cloth Rotation Cloth Rotation
Connect all similar blocks (except the purple) by rotating the board.
Views: 23475
Category: Logic
Posted By: SafeGameHub
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